Is your toilet leaking, not filling up, making strange noises or not flushing properly?

Our licensed plumbers are experts when it comes to anything to do with toilets. Whether it's blocked, broken or you need a new one supplied & installed - we are only a phone call away.

For any type of issue in your toilet system, our plumbers are trained and fully-equipped to fix it. Generally most issues, apart from blockages, occur in the cistern. Problems here can actually be costing you a lot of extra $$$ in water bills (often without knowing) and even pose a potential health hazard.

If you have any type of problem with your toilet, or need a new one installed, get in touch today.


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Toilet plumbing services we provide throughout Australia

Toilet/cistern repairs

No matter the problem, if your toilet or any of it's connected components are broken, we can fix it. Our plumbers are fully-equipped & experienced working on all types of toilets found in Australia.

Toilet/cistern replacements

If any part of your toilet suite (including the cistern) is more cost-effective to replace rather than repair, our plumbers can supply you with a suitable replacement and install it generally the same day.

New toilet installation

If you need a new toilet installed, our plumbers provide a professional installation service customised to your home, water mains outlet location & toilet type. They can even help recommend & supply the best model for your unique needs.

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Cistern repairs and replacements

The cistern is the part of the toilet that holds the water and mechanics for flushing. In Australia we have 4 main types of cisterns - wall cisterns, undercounter cisterns, close coupled cisterns and link cisterns. We can replace these individually or in a suite that includes the toilet pan. In most cases the toilet pan is suited to the cistern, but in most cases we can find universal cisterns that match most pans. 

The cistern needs maintaining because a lot of the components are rubber which perish over time. This causes water to leak into the toilet bowl which can increase your water bill, often without even realising. It can also cause the toilet make a 'squealing' type sound and not turn off properly.

All the components in cisterns are disposable and replaceable. The main components replaced in a toilet service include the inlet valve, the outlet seating rubber, flush pipe rubbers and the flexible water connection. Our plumbers are fully-equipped and experienced when it comes to quickly diagnosing and fixing issues within the cistern.

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