Leaking tap or faucet? Our plumbers have got you covered 24/7.

When it comes to not being able to fix a leaking tap or facet, there is nothing to embarrassed about. Some taps are just downright impossible to fix without getting an expert in. At Jim's we can have a licensed plumber at your premises day or night in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or Adelaide to do it for you.

Our plumbers have the experience, tools and most common replacement parts on-hand, to fix even the peskiest leaking taps. Whether it's in your bathroom, kitchen, outside or inside, we've got you covered. Best of all, with fixed transparent pricing and no callout fees during business hours, it's not going to cost you an arm or a leg.



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The 3 most common causes of a leaking tap

Tap washers

More often than not leaking taps are caused by washer issues. Either the washer is worn out or broken, it's the wrong size, or it was installed incorrectly. Most times this is a very simple and quick fix.

Cracked seats

The seat is where the tap washer sits and can become cracked over time from a long-term neglected broken washer. We can resurface this as part of our service.

Tap O-rings

O-rings create a seal to keep water flowing where it's supposed to. Over time they can wear out, crack and disintegrate, thus causing water to come out the tap handles.

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Why choose Jim's Plumbing to fix your tap?

In most cases fixing a leaking tap is a very quick process. The fact we do not charge a callout fee during business hours means you won't have to pay an arm and a leg just to get a plumber out to do it!

Our plumbers carry replacement parts for all types of taps commonly found in Australia. Whether it's worn out standard tap washers, ceramic disc tapware, or a mixer cartridge that needs replacing, we can help.

Most of all, if for some reason you aren't happy with the job we do, the Jim’s Group National Guarantee is there for your peace of mind. We also have a variety of on-site payment options, including Jim's Pay Plan. This is easy to register for, and allows you to pay your bill interest free over the course of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. Too easy!


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If you've got a leaking tap, don't be a drip - get us out to fix it for you today!

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