Do you have a new fridge but are not sure how to connect it properly?

If your new fridge has a water filter, chiller or ice maker, chances are you're going to need a plumber to hook it up to your water mains. This can be a complicated procedure and you really want to get it done right the first time. Often if it's a new fridge or new house, you may not have a water point close to the fridge, so we can help with this.

Our licensed plumbers can visit your premises and give a free quote to do it all for you. We offer a professional installation service and test everything at the end, so you're left with beautiful clean water and ice ready to put in your favourite drink.

As well as installation, we can repair leaking fridges, plus supply and replace inbuilt water filter cartridges for all major refrigerator brands. For a free quote and expert advice get in touch with us today.


Plumber hooking up a new fridge to water mains

Fridge plumbing services we offer

New fridge installations

If your new fridge needs to be connected to your water mains, we can provide a custom installation, including any pipe extensions and adjustments to make sure it works.

Leaking fridge repairs

If your fridge is leaking we can fix it too. Generally it is the isolation valves or burst tubing causing the leak, and our fully-equipped plumbers can generally do most repairs on the spot.

Water filter cartridge replacements

We can supply and install replacement water filter cartridges for any make and model fridge, whether it be an internal or external cartridge.

Closeup of fridge dispensing water from chiller

The process for hooking up a new fridge including mains water connection

Every house is different, so there can often be many factors to consider when we install a new fridge. Here is a common process we go through for each job.

  • Test your mains water pressure to ensure 500Kpa is not exceeded, or as per manufacturer specifications 
  • If your water pressure exceeds 500Kpa we can install a pressure reduction valve
  • If there is no tap present, we can add an additional isolation valve for water supply to the fridge under the kitchen sink
  • If the fridge is in an island setting, or not close to the sink, we can extend the existing water service and install a separate isolation valve at the location of the fridge
  • Install any inbuilt water filter cartridges (and replace these as needed down the track for you)
  • Perform a thorough test, including checking for leaks, to ensure your fridge is ready to go with potable water


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