24/7 blocked toilet plumbing service across Australia

Whether your toilet is partially blocked, or fully blocked with sewerage overflowing causing a hazardous flooding situation, you can count on our plumbers to fix it for you - day or night. We offer a professional service using the latest tools & technology to identify and clear blockages in all types of toilets.

A severely blocked toilet can quickly become a health hazard, so it is not something you want to 'sit' on for long. At the earliest signs your toilet is clogging up we recommend getting us out before it becomes a bigger issue.

Our licensed plumbers are available day or night, and have vehicles equipped with the tools and equipment needed to clear even the most stubborn blockages far down the line.


Plumber using a plunger to iunblock a toilet

Professional solutions for even the most stubborn blockages

Professional clearing tools

Our plumbers carry everything from a simple plunger, to high-powered augers, through to commercial grade high-pressure hydro-jets to clear even the most stubborn blockages.

CCTV pipe inspection

Sometimes further inspection is needed to identify where and what the blockage is. For this we use a specialised camera system which is fed into the pipe to send video footage back of the blockage.

Fixing underlying issues

In some cases, we may find the blocked toilet is coming from something more significant like a tree root intrusion into the sewerage pipe. If so, we can perform more substantial work to fix the underlying issue to stop future blockages.

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Why choose Jim's Plumbing if your toilet is blocked?

When it comes to blocked toilets, our plumbing franchisees have seen, fixed and done it all. They have all the tools and experience to quickly identify and clear all types of toilet blockages.

If you have a hazardous blocked toilet emergency, we can be at your home or business anytime of the day or night, generally within 1-2 hours to assist. All work we do is backed by the national Jim's Group 100% customer satisfaction guarantee for your peace of mind.

We offer a range of convenient on-site payment options, including Jim's Pay Plan. This is easy to signup for, and allows you to pay your bill over the course of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months interest free. With franchisees in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide, we've got you covered.

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100% customer satisfaction guarantee

For your peace of mind, all plumbing work is backed by Jim’s Group national warranty guarantee - view details

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No matter the time day or night, if your toilet is blocked we can have a plumber out quickly to fix it.

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