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Blocked drains can be a huge disruption to your daily life and sometimes even a health hazard. Our plumbers provide specialised services to help identify and repair blockages in all types of drainage systems. These include blockages in your toilet, shower, kitchen sink, bathroom sink, stormwater drains and any other drain in your home.

Our plumbers use the latest drain camera technology to quickly identify the source of your blocked drain and then suggest the most efficient and cost-effective fix. Often a simple drain clean may be all that’s needed, however if there are underlying issues, we will recommend a more permanent solution so the problem does not keep occurring.


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Blocked drain plumbing services

Professional drain cleaning

We employ a range of specialised plumbing tools, including manual/motorised drain snakes, drain augers and cable cleaning machines to unclog and clean your drains.

High pressure hydro jetting

For extremely blocked drains we can use a commercial high pressure cleaner (hydro-jet). This sends pressurised water through the pipes to break down stubborn drain build-up.

CCTV drain pipe inspection

To find where & what is blocking your drain, we use a specialised camera system which is fed into the pipe to send video footage of the blockage  so we can take appropriate action.

Drain pipe repairs & replacements

If there is significant damage to the drain pipe caused by the clog, we can reline or even replace entire sections of the pipe to help prevent future issues.

Root intrusion removal

Sometimes the cause of a blocked drain is where a tree root has grown inside of the drain, causing a significant blockage. If we identify this we will replace the affected section and remove the root so it doesn’t happen again.

Preventative maintenance

If your drains are regularly blocked we can identify the source of the issue/s and provide specialised maintenance, along with things you can do yourself, to minimise this.

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4 common signs you have a blocked drain

Too often people fail to recognise and act upon early warning signs that their drain is becoming blocked. It is not until significant water overflow and flooding occurs that they decide to take action. Our advice to you and your wallet is don’t do this!

Identifying the early warning signs and acting early before a major problem arises, will likely save you a significant amount of money down the track.

  1. Is water in your sinks, showers, baths or toilets draining slowly?
  2. Does the water level begin to rise when you flush toilets?
  3. Can you hear gurgling noises coming from your drains and pipes?
  4. Is there the hint of a foul stench lingering around your drains?
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The main causes of blocked drains

When it comes to objects blocking drains, especially for residential jobs, our plumbers have seen it all. Some of these are avoidable, whilst others are not. The most common issues which causes blockages include: 

  • Debris & foreign objects: Wipes, food, fats and anything other than toilet paper, which should not be flushed or pushed down the drain.
  • Excessive rain and flooding: Most pipes are not designed to have large amounts of water run through them, so when this happens, organic matter & other debris build-up quite quickly.
  • Broken or poorly installed pipes: Due to age, excessive water-flow or poor workmanship/materials, pipes often crumble, causing a build-up leading to a blockage.
  • Tree root intrusion into the pipe: Especially for older pipework, tree roots in the surrounding area can grow through into the pipe causing blockages.
  • Lack of gravity: If pipework is not laid out at the correct angle or slope during construction, this can eventually lead to buildup and blockages. 
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