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by Jim's Plumbing

Finding solutions before there a problem with your plumbing

Conserving water not only benefits the environment but also helps you save on your utility bills. At Jim’s Plumbing, we are committed to promoting eco-friendly plumbing solutions to our valued customers. Here’s how we can help you save water and money:

Low-flow fixtures

Our team can install low-flow faucets and showerheads that reduce water consumption without compromising on performance. These fixtures can significantly lower your water usage.

Toilet upgrades

Older toilets use more water per flush, contributing to wastage. Upgrading to a water-efficient toilet can save gallons of water every day.

Leak detection

Even a small leak can waste a surprising amount of water over time. Our expert technicians can conduct leak detection services to identify and fix leaks promptly.

Water heater efficiency

If your water heater is outdated, it may be less energy-efficient. We can help you choose and install a modern, energy-saving water heater, reducing both water and energy consumption.

Greywater systems

Consider installing a greywater recycling system that collects water from sinks and showers for reuse in irrigation. It’s a fantastic way to minimize water waste and support sustainable practices.


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