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Stiebel Eltron is a German water systems manufacturer founded in 1924. They have had a presence in the Australia marketplace since forming a local division based in Melbourne in 1995. Stiebel's specialty is compact hot water solutions for homes and businesses with limited space.

Featuring quality German engineering, all Stiebel products are made from high quality materials and built to last. They feature innovative technology to help conserve water and energy - something which is difficult to do for compact systems. Whether you need a small to medium sized hot water system for your home or a water boiler/cooler for the office, Stiebel has a product to suit.

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Stiebel Eltron water heating & filtration products

If you have very limited space in your granny flat or small home, this is where Stiebel product truly excel. They have a diverse range of products for all types of hot water applications across the home or office. Our plumbers can help recommend, supply, install and repair all types of Stiebel water heating, cooling or filtration products.

Water heating solutions

  • 3 phase electric instantaneous
  • Single phase electric instantaneous
  • Open vented compact storage water heater
  • Mains pressure compact storage water heaters
  • Under sink water boiler

Heat pump systems

  • Hot water heat pumps
  • Air source hydronic heat pumps
  • Geothermal hydronic heat pumps
  • Heat pump accessories

Water filtration systems

  • Flow water pitchers
  • 4 stage water filtration systems
  • 3 stage water filtration system
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At Jim's, our plumbers are fully-equipped, licensed and experienced in working with most of Stieber's residential and commercial product types. If your water heater, heat pump system, water boiler or water filtration system needs fixing, you can count on us.

All plumbers hold current Australian plumbing and gas fitting licenses. We offer a 24/7 service in the case of emergencies to get your hot water back on in no time. With fully-equipped vans, experienced plumbers and quality prices - if you have a problem with a particular Stieber product, Jim's is the smart choice to help fix it.

Sales and installation packages

We take the legwork out of finding, buying and installing a new Stieber Eltron system. Whether you want a new compact water heater, a larger heat pump system, or any of the innovative water heating, cooling or filtration solutions Stieber offers, we can help.

Speak with one of our plumbers about the best Stieber product for your particular needs and space. We can help recommend the best model and supply this to you, including a professional installation service, at a quality price. In the case of hot water emergencies, if your Stieber water heater has stopped working, we offer a 24/7 afterhours emergency service to help get your hot water back on again quickly.

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