About Chromagen Australia

Chromagen was founded in 1967 and is an international manufacturer of solar, electric and gas water heating solutions. They have a strong presence in many countries around the world, including Australia, which is run by the Chromagen Australia subdivision.

Chromagen has been pioneer in the development of renewable energy technology to power hot water systems. They have built a solid reputation for providing energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions, particularly across their large range of solar powered hot water systems.

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Chromagen water heating product range

Chromagen is most well known for its large range of solar powered hot water systems. In saying this, they do have a smaller range of other gas and electric powered options, which can be used standalone or usually to boost their solar systems.

Solar power water heaters

  • SplitLine (ground tank + solar collector), RoofLine (close-coupled tank + solar collector) & LowLine (all-in-one solar collector + tank unit)
  • Tank storage units come in 200L & 300L capacities
  • Continuous flow booster units come in 20L & 26L (litres per minute) with natural gas & LPG options
  • Options for 1 or 2 flat plate solar collectors, electric or gas booster units, and evacuated tubes for SplitLine systems

Electric heat pump systems

  • All-in-one (heat pump + storage tank in same unit) comes in 170L or 280L options
  • Split configuration systems (heat pump condenser + separate storage tank) comes in 200L

Continuous flow gas systems

  • LPG or natural gas options for 20L/min and 26L/min systems
  • Have optional M-series remote controllers to control temperature and other features

Electric storage tank systems

  • Only model available to purchase standalone is a 50L tank capacity unit
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For all your Chromagen hot water plumbing needs

Our licensed plumbers are trained and equipped to repair, install or service all types of Chromagen solar hot water system setups. If you have a Chromagen solar system and your hot water is not working, you can call us day or night and one of our plumbers can be at your house quickly to help fix it.

We provide an expert diagnosis service, and carry most common Chromagen replacement parts for quick servicing. If we find something in your solar setup needs replacing, be it the panels, booster unit, pump or storage tank, we can quickly this from our wholesale partners at a quality price, and hook it all up so you have your hot water back on again in no time.

Chromagen solar system sales & installation

We can help supply and install the full range of Chromagen products, including their multi-unit solar setups, add-on booster units, new solar panels and standalone water heaters. Our plumbers all hold current plumbing and gas licenses so they can work across both gas and electric powered units.

If we find an issue with the solar panels or something specifically relating to the electronics of your Chromagen system which is outside the scope of normal plumbing and gas work, we can even arrange our partner contractors to assist what we need to do. This will save you additional callout fees and time spent trying to find contractors whilst your hot water is not working.

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