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Jim’s Group is Australia’s largest franchising family with more than 5,000 franchisees across 52+ divisions. This enables the group to offer unmatched support, resources and value not just to our franchisees, but especially to their customers.

In 2023 Jim's Plumbing was taken back under control of the main group after being operated by an independent licensee. This means that when you choose Jim's Plumbing, you are once again backed by one of Australia's largest and most recognised national brands.

Being part of the broader Jim's group offers many advantages to our franchisees. These help them take care of the business side of their operations more efficiently so they can focus on delivering quality plumbing at quality prices.


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5000+ Franchisees

All over the world

35,000 customers

Serviced by our franchisees


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Who is Jim Penman?

Jim Penman started a part-time gardening business while earning his PhD in history at Latrobe University. He launched a full-time mowing business in 1982 with a $24 investment.

He originally aimed only at taking on subcontractors, but his business grew and he gradually began to specialise in the building up and selling of lawn mowing rounds. By 1989 he franchised his business, and since then Jim’s Mowing has become the largest franchise chain in Australian and the largest and best-known lawn mowing business in the world.

Jim’s Cleaning was launched in 1994, followed by more than 50 other divisions which now operate in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom. Jim’s Group now has over 5,000 Franchisees and a turnover of approximately $500 million.

He is still actively involved in the running of the business, is directly accessible to all his Franchisees and to any client with a serious complaint.

The key to success in franchising is an overriding concern for the welfare of franchisees, and constant improvement in customer service.

- Jim Penman

Backed by Jim's Group national services

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Jim’s Insurance Services Pty Ltd is the only specialist and approved insurance provider for the Jim’s Group Franchisees. The brokerage was established by Jim Penman due to lack of service his franchisees were receiving from external insurance providers.

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With Jim’s Pay Plan you can pay your invoice in full today, or split it over monthly payments using the credit or debit card in your pocket. Best of all there is 0% interest - view details

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All work done by all Jim's franchisees is covered by the National Group's customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with the job and it is not done properly, we will come back and fix it for you for free - view details

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